Child's Play Trailer Thoughts

Richard Petro

twitter @ThePetroProject

April 21, 2019

     For quite a while now, it's been pretty fascinating looking at the Child's Play/Chucku series. These days, it's surprising that it could go so long without being remade, especially since it's a horror series from the 80's. But not only had it never been remade, but the original creator, Don Manicini, has been with the series since the very beginning and leading it to new and interesting areas.
     The reboot-in-tone with Curse of Chucky did great in making the character scary again while Cult of Chucky was a very intriguing entry that ended in a way that you weren't quite sure where it was going to go, but were really excited to follow it. So the news of the Remake going alongside the original 'timeline' series the other team is making is really, really odd. Don Mancini and co. are angry and frustrated, rightfully so, and I can't really work out how this decision came about. I mean, I know it's money, but anyone that is really into the Chucky character probably is still following the series relatively closely, even if it's on home media. Of course, this is just a way to have something in theaters that might attract a few people who otherwise wouldn't go out of their way to look for, so we'll see how it turns out for them.

     But whether or not, as a horror fan, you like the idea of the remake seemingly taking the thunder that the studio should be putting behind the original team is moot by this point since the new movie is happening. We've gotten a few small teases here and then we got the reveal that Mark Hammil himself will be voicing Chucky in this version. Which, honestly, if there was a way to make people not be angry about Brad Dourif not being involved or anything, that's the way to do it. Because Mark Hammil is amazing. So take a look at the trailer, if you haven't yet, and we'll do a little thought gathering underneath!

     We've heard for a while now that the new Chucky will be a more 'modernized' take on the killer doll idea, in that it revolves around the doll's AI going bonkers and setting it on a murder path (as you do), and it was an idea that was okay. It's nothingnew, but if there was one way to make it a more modern and fresh take on it, that's a decent way to do it. What I never thought about, that the trailer focuses on, is the addition of connectivity between the Buddi doll and just about anything else. It sort of opens up the possibilities in a bunch of new ways that work in hopefully getting some creative moments in. The trailer does seem to show quite a bit of the film, but its all quick shots so hopefully they do actually have somethings that will be surprising.
     They've also been keeping Chucky in the shadows, which is a good choice for the trailer, since it's something that undoubtedly would derail a lot of other thoughts on it, as most people that are fans would most likely be discussing just that. That being said, even the one line we hear is great, because, again, Mark Hammil is fantastic, and it's really showing that he is a genuinely good choice to voice a character like Chucky.

     Overall, while the idea of a remake here is met with legitimate discussion worthy points where people can be rightfully upset and mad, considering the weird point of having this alongside the original series, the one upside you can say for this remake is it's at least properly trying to update ideas and work with that. This is an idea that could have worked with any killer doll premise, the fact that it is an AI essentially malfunctioning, but it's obvious that 'Child's Play' here just gives them a way to sort of gaurantee some money off it's fanbase and name value. Still, I'm kind of looking forward to it. I've always like the series and character, and I'm genuinely hoping that this does turn out to be worthwhile. And even if it doesn't, we still have Don Manicini's future series to look forward to, and seeing how that branches off into new areas for the series.