Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Trailer

Richard Petro

twitter @ThePetroProject

November 14, 2018

     A little over a year ago we were treated to the news that Legendary and The Pokémon Company would be working together on a live-action film based on the franchise. It was kind of odd to hear about, since Pokemon has always been one of those properties that, after so long of not having a live feature, it didn’t really seem… doable? How would they balance the cuteness of the Pokemon mixed with the possibility of horrifying 3D designs? And what would they explore?

     When it was first announced I had mixed feelings; I was interested to see what they would do, since there’s so many possibilities of what to do, but I was also nervous since a lot of these things tend not to go so well. But, after the initial hesitation, I was incredibly excited as I’ve been a huge fan of Pokemon ever since it first arrived on the scene, and I can’t help but get excited for anything new coming from the franchise.

     It was revealed, with the original announcement, that the film would be an adaptation of the new Detective Pikachu game, and now we have a trailer to go along with it! Let’s check it out and discuss!

     The trailer fills me with glee. I tried really hard to keep myself in check, but it always makes me incredibly happy to see new footage of the cute money making machines, and the knowledge that this is a big screen endeavour lent towards my excitement.      One of the main fears I had towards the idea of this adaptation is that it would end up like a lot of other pieces like this, going towards the easy jokes (read; poop jokes), but the jokes we have seen so far really give me a certain idea of what to expect. Do I think the movie has the possibility of being good? Yes. Not just good, but very good if the rest of the film is made up from the type of humour we had seen so far. I’m a big fan of Pikachu explaining to a human he will shock them even though he knows the kid may not understand him, and his following exclamation of having been so lonely. Also, the timing on the Mr. Mime telling Pikachu to shove it joke also made me laugh hard the first time I watched through the trailer. It’s the kind of thing that feels like it can very easily surprise with its quality, so I’ve got my hopes up.

     Since this has been a big conversation piece (unsurprisingly) amongst individuals, I’ll take time to say that I don’t really have a problem with any of the designs for the Pokemon here. I don’t mind that Jigglypuff has hair (mostly because it being rubbery and balloon-y like it was supposed to be may have turned out very horrifying), and I don’t think that the poor Mr. Mime looks as creepy as some have said. Its facial expressions, particularly the happy look it had once Justice Smith told Pikachu Mr. Mime was telling him to shove it, were the highlights of the trailer for me.

     There’s only so much you can judge from a small minute or two piece, but what we have seen so far has me excited and optimistic. We’ll undoubtedly see another trailer prior to the film’s release on May 10th, 2019.

     What are all of your thoughts on the trailer?