You have been home from work, or school, for a few hours. You have gotten all the necessary deeds you had to do for the day out of the way, and are finally able to take the stress of the day off your shoulders. Perhaps you have put on your favourite pair of sweatpants, or any comfy pants, or maybe even just cut to the chase and dove immediately into your pajamas.

You’re relaxed as can be spread out across the couch (with one leg surely dangling) or your bed (with the possibility of one leg dangling, if you find that comfortable).

What to do next? Do you have your laptop sitting on your chest? Or perhaps you have decided to keep it simple and keep to scrolling through your phone. Any choice you make is the right one, as long as you are comfortable. And once you have finished catching up on social media, you find yourself looking for more.

We at Chill Press are here to satisfy that urging of more; to help ease the tension of life and work and give you something to Chill with.

Covering everything from films, to books, to television shows and more that will take you back to the good old days, we dedicate ourselves to giving you the best reason to lose track of time while hopefully learning some new things along the way!